Microsoft Word 2000 HTML Mess Cleaner


Free tool that removes clutter from Microsoft Word 2000-generated html-code.


(Developers: Buy the source code - click here...)

It is well-known that Microsoft Word is a lot less than perfect when it comes
to generating HTML-code. The "Save as web page"-function in Microsoft Word
generates files that are about ten times as large as they should be. This is because
the code is filled with a lot of page formatting tags in order to be able to present
the document in Microsoft Office-programs (Word+Powerpoint). This "code bloat"
is useless in a web context and potentially harmful to presentation in any other
browser than Internet Explorer.

The problem not only arises when using the "Save as web page"-option. You get
the same mess when copying text from Word to a Wysiwyg-editor (i.e. Frontpage)
or in many cases to a Content Management System.

The solution: Remove the clutter from the HTML code automatically

Therefore, AlgoTech Internet Marketing has created a free tool: The
Microsoft Word 2000 HTML Mess Cleaner. The Cleaner can clean source code from
whole documents or just pieces of text. This is how it works:

  1. Enter Microsoft Word 2000-generated HTML-code in the form field below
  2. Click "Clean the code"
  3. You get clean HTML-code without Microsoft-specific tags

Remove font-tags



Word 2000 HTML Cleaner - source code for ASP programmers

The Microsoft Word 2000 HTML Mess Cleaner is programmed in ASP with
VBScript and is available for ASP developers.

You can buy the source code for 79$ including VAT (can be used with any ASP-
based Content Management System, for instance). We use PayPal for payments.
VISA and Mastercard as well as PayPal-transfers are accepted.

Click the "Buy Now"-button to order:

When the payment is received, we will mail you the source code - ready to implement
in your ASP application. No server installation or .dll's required.

Any questions can be directed to:
Algotech Internet Marketing

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