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Use this tool to search google in many special ways. A useful resource for search engine optimization (especially keyword research) among other things. Don't forget to check out the link section as well...


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All pages from your site with the search term
All pages from your site indexed by Google
All pages indexed by Google that mentions your domain [~links]
Pages with keyword(s) in title
Pages with keyword(s) in URL/file name
Pages where at least one link pointing to the page has the keyword(s) in anchor text
Pages with keyword(s) in text, but not in links or title
Definitions for search term
Google synonyms (synonyms will be highlighted in search results)
- great for keyword/adsense theming
- refine using "-synonym" (example)

Sponsored links bidding for the search term -

Geotargeted to searchers

(language chosen above will influence results)

proximity tool: words between words in search term
Search results for the keyword with the sandbox penalty suspended



Other search methods:


Google Local - Find local businesses

Google Answers - Ask a question and pay a small amount to get an expert answer

Froogle - Shopping search engine, searches in online stores

Google Images

Google News

Google Scholar - Search academic literature like research papers, technical reports etc.

Google Catalogs - Search in mail-order catalogs

Google Translation

Personalized search

Google Advanced Search

Google Preferences - Customize your search results, includes adult filter, language etc.

Top 1000 pages by PageRank - PR10 sites

Google Sets - Nice keyword research/inspiration tool

Google Suggest - While you type your search, see what other people have searched for. Good for keyword research.

Google Toolbar - Indispensable for frequent Google users - Check your rankings in Google - Search engine powered by Google - lot of extra info about pages in search results

Google Guide - Guide to advanced searches in Google including operators etc.



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